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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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The environment in which we operate has been permanently disrupted by the financial crisis experienced by Western economies. Finance departments around the world are increasingly involved in the definition of business strategy and its operational implementation.

By placing performance at the heart of its agenda, the CFO becomes more than ever a key player, able to transform the mass of financial information available into strong management tools. Promoting reliable operations, organization and deployment of management tools businesses prepare to stay the course and find other growth drivers.

Ellipsis is a financial advisory firm specializing in improving business processes. We bring our expertise on your projects accounting & finance, performance management, acquisitions and environmental control.

Aware of the influence of the Finance industry, we offer our experience to increase the performance of your business.

Our support comes in two forms:


We help your team address issues related to your « finance » projects.
 Competencies transfer is therefore ensured.


As a true external CFO, we provide comprehensive support for your financial function so you can focus on your business, with the insurance you are benefiting from the expertise of professionals.